Since the end of the 1970’s, Barek has been in the service of hundreds of firms, institutions and individuals, offering well-designed solutions.

Ours is a long saga, dating back to the age of dark rooms, ‘cut and paste’ (literally) and photo typesetting. We have witnessed the transformation of journalism from the ‘next-day delivery’ to the countryside to the internet news, and of the printing industry from letterpress to ctp technology.

The times and technology have rapidly changed and we managed to catch up with it all. We believe however that some basic values, upon which we build our identity should be preserved. For Barek, good design, good planning, experience and coherence remain to be the essentials that we trust, share and preserve.

Barek is active in almost every field in marketing communication: concept design, corporate, image or market oriented graphic design, media planning and services, corporate publishing, interactive media and web solutions, marketing communication consultancy…

Our expertise is based on ‘comprehension’ and ‘expression’. If you believe in good communication/good design and need a helping hand in letting your ideas heard and products to be advertised, do meet Barek.